Springtime in British Columbia is incredibly beautiful.  At Wescraft we love being able to hit the trails and  enjoy more time outdoors.   It also means that building season is going into full gear.  We take pride in our work and build it to last.  To keep you home in top condition we’d like to help with some suggestions for creating your spring maintenance routine.

Start by simply taking a walk around your home.  Doing a visual inspection is something you are taught to do with your car in driver’s training but something we can forget to do with our homes.

1.  Siding – Check The walls.  Look for any holes in the siding.  Remove any insect nests or piles of debris as it makes good nesting material for vermin.  Now is a good time to clean the siding to keep mould from growing.  Also inspect the exterior caulking for any deterioration. If needed scrape out eroding caulk and replace it.

2.  Foundation – Check the foundation for any cracks.  Look for any pest droppings or insect debris.  If you find anything then look further for any areas of entry into the home and seal it.

3.  Decks – Look for any warped, loose or water stained boards.  Check for popping nails.  Removing the leaves and debris that accumulates between the spaces in the boards will extend the life of your deck no matter what the material.   If the finish on your wood deck is faded or worn then this is the time of year to clean, stain and reseal it.  If there is moss or mold then use a pressure washer.  A stone patio usually just require a sweeping and hose down unless there is moss and then it would also benefit from a stronger washing.

4.  Fencing – The same treatment as for decking applies to wood fencing, trellises or pergolas.  If the boards have become splintered or lost their stain they may require a light sanding before staining.

5.  Driveway and paths – Check your driveway and paths before the weeds have a chance to grow.  Home centers sell patch up materials designed for asphalt and concrete.  If your walkways use paving stones then check that they are stable.  Over the winter the sand can settle causing the stones to shift.  If needed add sand in the joints to lock them in place.

6.  Gutters and eaves– Now it is time to look up.  Examine the underside of the eaves for any damage.  Make sure that the gutters and downspouts direct water away from the house.  Check the gutters.  Clean out the debris and also check for any joint separations and loose fasteners.

7.  Air conditioning units – Before you start make sure you shut off the power to the unit.  Clean out the leaves and debris.  You can use a vent brush, power blower or even your vacuum cleaner.

8.  Outdoor furniture – Clean it was a quick hose rinse or a mild detergent.  Check the metal for any signs of rust or paint damage.  Sand down the rust and use a spray enamel to protect it from further weather damage.  Grills should also be given a good clean and check the burner jets for clogs and make sure that the gas hoses or connections are secure.

9.  Lawn – Give the lawn a good raking to remove debris that may be preventing the grass from developing properly.  Now is also a good time to check the health of your trees and shrubs.

Inside the home it is a good time to change the furnace filter if you didn’t do it in the fall and test the batteries for your smoke alarm and carbon monoxide tester.

If you ever have any questions about the maintenance of your Wescraft home please do not hesitate to call us.  We are here for you every step of the way.