About Wescraft

About Wescraft

Scott Foster & Nathaniel Kroeker – The Heart Of Wescraft

Scott and Nathaniel, both born in B.C. have always had a passion for building. “In Kindergarten I received my first hammer and a bucket of nails and that was it for me!” says Scott. He went on to become a carpenter and bought his first house at age 19. That first real estate purchase launched Scott into the business and he’s never looked back. Nathaniel, Scott’s business partner, has also been involved in construction since a young age, following in his grandfather’s footsteps.

Scott founded Wescraft 25 years ago, and Nathaniel has been an important part of Wescraft’s growth for 18 years now.

These two custom home pros have developed a keen eye for detail and design as well as in-depth understanding of the custom home building business. Scott and Nathaniel take the time to make sure things are done right and done beautifully.

Scott is quick to point to the real strength of their company. Wescraft has assembledan on-site team that ensures the Wescraft vision and commitment to quality is carried out throughout all phases of the new home construction.

Their crew of talented, loyal carpenters have worked together, ranging from five to twenty plus years. Scott and Nathaniel have well-established relationships with all of their tradesmen who understand and deliver on Wescraft’s expectations of quality. With their combined skill sets in home design, construction trades management and business practices, Wescraft have mastered every aspect of the building process. They can navigate practically any project scenario.

Also, the relationships they’ve established with vendors and tradespeople throughout the region, ensures that your new home is being assembled by the best using the best materials available.

At Wescraft We Don’t Simply Build Houses. We Build Homes.

“When we partner with a client we will walk the site with them, discuss their vision and offer our input and the reasons behind it. We want them to benefit from our years of experience and help to bring the customer’s dreams to life. We want to offer options that they might not have considered to enhance their lives.  We want to build quality homes for quality people”.