May 29, 2015 Deborah Groom

Wescraft – Meet the Designers

We’d like to introduce you to Wescraft’s design associates d.a.c. design consultants Diane Parkinson and Lynda Aasen.   Sitting down with Diane and Lynda you can’t help but feel the energy and excitement they have in helping you make your dream a reality.

“When we initially go to meet a client we tell them it will be an amazing process.”

For Diane she knows firsthand as she first met Scott as a client.  “Twelve years ago my husband and I decided to build our first custom home.  We met with a number of builders.  Scott made us feel confident.  He answered our questions and was there for us throughout the entire process.  He was pro active with the design and construction.  The quality of his work was outstanding.  Even now when we have guests they comment on the quality of the work.”

As for Lynda and Diane they met in the community through their childrens’ swimming lesson and found they had both been involved in design since they were young.  Diane remembers rearranging furniture in her home when she was six and Lynda had a passion for colour and fashion.  Both ladies had backgrounds in education with Lynda as a preschool teacher and Diane in education and human resources. One night they both walked into the same decorating course and knew right away that they wanted to form a partnership. It ended up being a great decision.  Lynda had an amazing gift for colour planning and a leaning to a contemporary minimalism/ classical styling.  Diane did excellent sketches and enjoyed modern country and beyond.  For both their styles and interests continued to evolve.  They found that the partnership gave their clients a greater range of skills and options.

From there they taught continuing education courses at Douglas College in home design and grew a flourishing business with a strong client base.  It became a natural fit to work with Scott.

“It is a pleasure to work with Scott as he handles issues immediately, fairly and with the best resolution.”

So what is the process in working with a designer?  “We start by meeting you at your house.  We come to you.  By meeting at your home we get an idea of what you already have and want to take with you.  It gives us an idea of your style.  We can help blend your favourite items with new discoveries.  We had a clent who had amazing antiques from Europe.  They had been tucked away in cupboards for years.  She was having a renovation and we helped her incorporate them by rematting and reframing and some refinishing and reorganizing.  By adding just a few new pieces she had a new look that featured what was important to her.

After meeting at your home we will also meet you at the suppliers and then again on site.  We are there to make sure the transitions are as  smooth as possible.”

What does the designer do?  “We see what it is you hope to achieve and help you take it from dream to reality.  Design is our strength.  You might see something you like in a magazine but you don’t know how to make the photo come to life in you home.  We can help you make choices to create your vision in a way that is functional, beautiful and reflects your personality.  A good design is style married with function.

We start with the exterior and work our way through.  We want you to come around the corner and say “I can’t wait to get home. This is my home.” We help your home reflect the life you choose to live.”

How long does it take?  ” The honest answer is that it depends.   It depends on whether you are doing a renovation or a new build.  It also depends on how long a client takes to make a decision.  We understand that clients want to feel sure they are making the right choice. Some have a hard time committing and others know it as soon as they see it.  Part of our job is to help the clients be aware of the timelines for these decisions. The builder’s timeline dictates the construction schedule.  This can be overwhelming and an emotional process.  Sometimes clients do not agree with each other or the tile they chose may be discontinued.  Sometimes they fall in love with something that is over budget so we help give them perspective as to what can be adjusted to accommodate that and revisit their priorities.  Sometimes we help them find the look for less.  We help them negotiate these hurdles and suggest alternatives and options.”

Are you an employee of Wescraft?  “We are independent consultants.  As a company we also do staging consultation, redesign, decorating and colour consultations.  Wescraft offers our services as an option.  We can be hired for a set amount of work or by the hour.  It is up to the client. We make it a priority to be efficient with everyone’s time.  We really enjoy helping you to get the best value with the most impact.”

When not at work Lynda and Diane lead active lives in the community.  Lynda enjoys being part of a women’s dragon boat team at Bedford Landing and traveling as time permits. “I love the being part of the team for the fun, the exercise and social time.”

Diane is on the board of directors of the Devon Clifford music foundation.  The goal is to provide at risk youth, who would otherwise be unable to afford it, an opportunity to pursue music.  This is offered though rock music based camps and private music lessons.

If you wish to contact them their email is













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